The Ashwater Underground City[edit | edit source]

The city below Ashwater is desolate, divided into three sectors and hundreds of tunnels between them. It was vast and often reeked of death, but had once been home to some of the greatest minds in the world before the Battle-Brave had claimed Ashwater. There are many stories told within its walls, in concrete neighborhoods of shelters that proved so solid that not even the Battle-Brave could destroy them.

Ashwater Underground City, also known as the AUC, is safeguarded a mile under the city ruins. Stories had it that Ashwater started as a mining town in the nineteenth century. The valley earned its name after the local heroes, Edward Ashford and Wallace Waters, rescued the town from a forest fire by sending the townsfolk into the mines. Now, those tunnels were converted into a military base, built around mineshafts and caverns where people back in the old days used to live.

Most of the neighborhoods are no different in the AUC than on the surface. The only distinction was what people saw when they looked up: While the tunnels surrounding the sectors are wide and thirty feet high, the cavernous neighborhoods are constructed in manmade caves with mile-high steel and stone. Most shelters hadn’t been lived in since the military had converted the AUC into a government base.

Sectors[edit | edit source]

Three sectors divide the underground city: Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld.

Each sector is linked by metal roots that belonged to an old hub known as the Ash Tree Tower.

Of the three, only Sector Verdandi reached the city’s foundation, now isolating it from the rest of the underground.

Back in the day, the Ash Tree Tower had been the central headquarters of the Watcher's Bureau, which later founded the Western Order. Now, the Bark of Ash worships the tree-like structure, covered in vines and foliage like the rest of the city above.

Several miles stretches out the sectors in the city, with winding tunnels that supplied a few refueling zones and rest stops in between. Without a Roller to travel between the sectors, a trip would be almost impossible on foot. Supplies are sent down from the surface were also transported by cargo Rollers.

Sector Skuld[edit | edit source]

Primary function are its resources. Cargo is usually transported through Skuld.

Sector Urd[edit | edit source]

Contains generators which power the whole city's electricity

Sector Verdandi[edit | edit source]

Houses the Niflheim Research Facility.

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