The Battle-Braves are biological weapons created with a type of energy that rapidly break down living cells, rendering organic life to dust. Plants wither, animals and people necrotize, metal and concrete rust and decay and break apart.

Battle-Braves are known as the world's greatest threat as far as biological weapons are concerned.


The Cataclysms[edit | edit source]

Ashwater, Washington: The First Cataclysm. What had once been known as the safest city in the whole country had become the graveyard of millions. It started with an outbreak of allobion, which resulted in the city falling under quarantine. Ashwater was then assaulted by various forms of synthetics, mostly non-sentient and controlled by another synthetic being.

When Sergent Stone, a previous vessel belonging to Rey, had made contact with the catalyst in Ashwater under the orders of retrieving and delivering the weapon to Gregory Tremond, she had made other plans. By destroying the vessel containing the Battle-Brave, the catalyst transferred the energy from her dying body and into Stone's. Stone then suffered a meltdown, which resulted in the destruction of Ashwater.

Engelus, Nevada: The Second Cataclysm. While there had been no outbreaks this time, the city had already been under assault of several riots, instigated by the Vorpals.

The Catalysts[edit | edit source]

These vessels containing highly destructive energy were specifically designed to take the shape of human beings for a number of reasons. One, it was conspicuous. Two, the idea was to create a weapon that could be transported easily beyond enemy lines and deactivate, killing thousands if not millions of people.

Each Battle-Brave carries a similar appearance to Rey, with a few differences: They do not have scarred faces unless self-inflicted, their eyes are blue instead of green, and their hair is long and blonde. Every Battle-Brave has some kind of manic obsession that ends up driving them into madness, however.

One last thing to note regarding the Battle-Braves is that, while they are carriers of this energy, they can transfer it into a vessel as well (specifically one of Rey's). However, due to her makeup her vessel is unable to contain the energy for long, resulting in a meltdown and exploding.

  • Echo, caused the First Cataclysm. Insane, and obsessed with complicated math problems, which she found comfort in. Spent her entire life in isolation.
  • Delta Selwyn, caused the Second Cataclysm. Also insane, and was programmed with memories to believe that she had lived a sheltered life. This caused her to lose her mind when she was sent out into the streets of Engelus, where she fell prey to Camilla Banks. Aware of Delta's condition, Camilla dosed the weapon with drugs until it was time for her to release the energy. Camilla was fully aware of her role in the Second Cataclysm, and wanted to go down making sure she killed as many people as possible.
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