What is Project SERAPHIM?

Project SERAPHIM is a sci-fi/horror book series written by R. R. Washburn, taking place in a near-future dystopian society.

You can learn more about the series and characters on this site. Otherwise, you can purchase a Kindle and/or paperback copy of the first installment, Seraphim ASCENT, on Amazon.

The author is also available for contact if you would like to read an advanced copy of future Project SERAPHIM installments at RNWASHBURN@GMAIL.COM.

When the hell does this crazy story take place?

Although there is no date established in the novels themselves, Seraphim ASCENT begins early January of the year 2147, and ends four months later in April of that same year.

Seraphim STORM will begin two years after ASCENT, in December 2148, before there is a four-year time skip to June of 2153. The author has committed that this will be the only significant time skip for this series.

Who is the main character?!

There is none. Theoretically, Rey could be the main character, but then, so could Tejinder. At the end of the day, they're both but two players on the stage.

Rather than having just one protagonist, Project SERAPHIM instead features an ensemble cast of characters that play significant roles throughout the series. Because "there can be only one true hero" is for squares.

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