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A collaborative Wiki for the continuing story of the sci-fi dystopia, Project SERAPHIM.

WARNING: The Project SERAPHIM Wiki is updated to include all information about the characters, current storyline, and plot-points. If you have not finished the first novel, Seraphim ASCENT, you should be VERY careful regarding what pages you visit.

About Project SERAPHIM[]


In the middle of the 22nd Century, society should have made some of the biggest technological advancements in history. No one could have anticipated that, over the course of over 150 years, an artificial intelligence has been orchestrating conflicts and tearing down governments to set the human race back from making further progress. What more, some of them have been running the governments that remain. While humanity was allowed some level of progress, we're still not anywhere near as far as we should have become.  

America as you know it is gone, with many states left desolate -- or in d-zones. What remains has been divided into two governments: The Western Order, run by a totalitarian society that treats insolence with ruthless personality reconditioning. The Eastside Republic, which has taken to aiding in the global wars throughout the world known as the Long Winter.  

When Rey wakes in up the morgue of an abandoned sanitarium, she has only a toe tag to her name and no recollection as to how she got there. She finds herself caught in the middle of conflicts that she will realize she has more of a connection to than she realizes.  

They say that time heals all wounds, and the truth will set you free. But as Rey learns just how she is linked to the sides of this blood-spattered coin, her role in it all will beg to question if the truth is a skeleton she wants digging out of the closet.

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