Through torture and personality reconditioning, the subject is brainwashed into a different person. New and improved. It is done through chemical substances and several hours of strict and abusive disciplinary actions.

Those who were affected by the Battle-Brave Incident somehow became immune to the effects of permutation. Additionally, those subjected to the Plagues are also unable to be affected by permutation.

The Derangers[edit | edit source]

Subjects who went mad from the reformation process of the permutation.

Supposedly, it was because of the drugs that were being tested on at the Renaissance Sanitarium, but was covered up as the early stages of permutation had been deemed "unethical", as it had been tested on by mental patients. As an effect of both the procedure as well as the chemical substances, the derangers are faster and stronger than most normal people. But they're also pretty insane.

Renaissance Sanitarium[edit | edit source]


The Riot[edit | edit source]


The Aftermath[edit | edit source]


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