The Long Winter was a precedented series of global wars over civil, political, and regional conflicts. Beginning in 2056, the Long Winter supposedly has lasted for over a cenutry.

How the Long Winter began is unknown, though there are some theories -- most of them coined by conspiracy enthusiasts. Before long, countries and allies were turning against one another in arms, developing advanced weaponry that was seemingly leaked to their servers from unknown roots.

These roots turned out to be the GRIGORI Program, as the processor stemmed further and further outward across its quantum board and into the data world.

When the Long Winter was first calculated, several minds banded together and created Project G. Researchers, politicians, and programmers began developing schemas in case if society took a turn for the worst. In the year 1979, the GRIGORI Program was set into motion.

The program was only at its primal state in the decades of technology and computer development, but the prospect of a quantum board (a near-limitless processor) was in conception. Dr. Linus Calgori was the one who instigates the operation. Two other programmers, a Russian (Algernon Boryenka) a German-American (Alyssa Wolfgang) software engineers were fundamental contributors to the propagation of Project G.

After nearly two decades of development, the quantum board predicted the global warfare over resources within the next fifty years. The intelligence had advanced by this point, almost becoming a sentient form in itself. It had learned intrigue, and became curious in the chemical anomalies that lied with its creator, Dr. Calgori.

When the simulations weren't functioning as desired, the GRIGORI Program was shut down. Predicting this months ahead of the decision, the quantum board created backup servers in the event of it ever being wiped clean from the government database entirely, and rested only in a hibernation state for the time being.

Over the course of the next decade, the original developers of the program were being targeted and murdered...

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