The Main Series Edit

The main series takes place within the current timeline of the mid-22nd Century, after the First Cataclysm and the Long Winter Wars.

  1. Seraphim ASCENT
  2. Seraphim STORM
  3. Seraphim PINION
  4. Seraphim WINTER
  5. Seraphim CINDERS
  6. Seraphim BLACK
  7. Seraphim DESCENT

Roots Edit

Roots are a series of short novels that take place prior to the events of the main series. They are intended to tell the stories of some of the main characters' histories and shed some light on past events. Roots can be read entirely separate from the rest of the main series, and are intended only as supplemental material only.

  1. What the Thunder Said
  2. Where the Thief Called
  3. Why the Moth Died
  4. When the Blood Wolf Howled
  5. Who the Red Fox Was
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